Monday, November 18, 2013

Socialist Wins Recount, Greens Prove Viable

Last Friday, Kshama Sawant PhD of the Socialist Alternative Party was declared the winner of a nonpartisan race for the Council of Seattle, Washington.  The professor of economics, who rose to prominence as an activist in the Occupy Movement, defeated a 16-year incumbent Democrat.  Sawant is the first socialist elected to public office in that city since over a century ago.  Her candidacy was endorsed by the Green Party, which is building momentum as demonstrated by other results from November 5...

Some members/endorsees of the Green Party in nonpartisan elections
Cameron Gordon re-elected to Council of Minneapolis, MN
Brian Cummins re-elected to Council of Cleveland, OH
John Reed re-elected to Council of Fairfax, CA
Renée Goddard re-elected to Council of Fairfax
Joshua Plourde elected to Council of Bangor, ME
Anna Trevorrow elected to Board of Education of Portland, ME
Ty Moore: 42% for Council of Minneapolis
Sawant (City of Seattle)
Joseph Carvalho: 31% for mayor of Fall River, MA
Audrey Clement: 31% for Bd. of Arlington County, VA
Christopher Shorr: 25% for Council of Portland
Johnny Howard: 15% for Council of Saint Paul, MN
Gladwyn D'Souza: 14% for Council of Belmont, CA §
Chris Lautenschlager: 11% for Council of Minneapolis
Joseph DeMare: 11% for Council of Bowling Green, OH ‡
Brian Rencher: 7% for Council of Ventura, CA #
Kale Severson: 6% for Council of Minneapolis
Kristina Gronquist: 6% for Council of Minneapolis

Some Green nominees
Neil Haagen elected to Council of Snow Shoe Borough, PA
Mirna Martinez* elected to Bd. of Ed. of New London, CT
Howie Hawkins: 40% for Council of Syracuse, NY
Laurie Rogers: 24% for Bd. of Selectmen of Columbia, CT †
Darin Robbins: 22% for mayor of Corning, NY
Susie Beiersdorfer: 18% for pres. of the Council of Youngstown, OH
Kevin Bott: 15% for mayor of Syracuse
Lynne Serpe: 15% for Council of New York City
Peter LaVenia Jr.: 12% for Council of Albany, NY
Emily Good: 12% for sheriff of Monroe County, NY
Beth Riso: 11% for mayor of Nyack, NY
William Stevenson: 9% for Legislature of Suffolk County, NY
Christina Gonzalez: 8% for Council of NYC
Miles Budde: 7% for Council of NYC
Alexander White: 5% for mayor of Rochester, NY

*Member of Green Party, nominated by Republican and Green parties
Three-way race for two seats | ‡Four-way, two seats
§Six-way, three seats | #Nine-way, four seats

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