Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Victories, and Good Showings, for Greens on Election Day

Here is an incomplete list I assembled of candidates of the Green Party who won -- or did well in -- elections that ended on November 3.  Because full tabulation of ballots often takes weeks or months, some of the following percentages might not be final.

Nominees of the Green Party
Daniel Welsh* re-elected to Council of Lewisboro, NY
Michael Bagdes-Canning re-elected to Council of Cherry Valley Borough, PA
John Sweeney re-elected auditor of Falls Township, Wyoming County, PA
Mirna Martinez# re-elected to Board of Education of New London, CT
Leif Smith re-elected constable of Redding, CT
Hector Lopez elected constable of New Canaan, CT
John Amarilios elected constable of New Canaan
Howie Hawkins: 34.8% for auditor of Syracuse, NY
Jeffrey Staples: 30.1% for House of Delegates of VA
Kenneth Hollenbeck^: 24.5% for Council of Hudson, NY
Laura Sikkema: 21.4% for Council of Springfield, NY ‡
Darrin Robbins: 21.2% for mayor of Corning, NY
Frank Cetera: 20.8% for Council of Syracuse
Lucille Prater-Holliday: 19% for Magisterial Dist. Ct. of PA
Alexander White: 18.4% for Council of Rochester, NY
Charles Tarr: 16.0% for Council of Buffalo, NY
Lance Denno: 14.4% for Council of Syracuse †
Joseph Phillips: 13.6% for Legislature of Dutchess County, NY
Collin Thomas: 11.5% for Council of Troy, NY
Frederick Balzac: 10.4% for Council of Jay, NY ‡
Anthony Baney: 9.4% for Legislature of Erie County, NY
Anthony Giordano: 8.3% for Council of Rochester
Dorothy Paige: 7.0% for Council of Rochester
Raymond Blackwell: 7.0% for Bd. of Ed. of Syracuse □
Caleb Duncan: 6.0% for Bd. of Ed. of Syracuse □
Richard Marra: 5.6% for Legislature of Schenectady County, NY †
Benedict Holden: 4.7% for Bd. of Selectmen of Canton, CT ⌂
Michael Wakefield: 4.6% for House of Representatives of ME
Kenneth Collins: 4.3% for Assembly of NJ §
Pauline Salotti: 4.3% for Council of Brookhaven, NY
Daniel Plaat: 4.2% for executive of Albany County, NY
Billy Collins: 4.1% for Bd. of Selectmen of Waterford, CT
Michael Bagdes-Canning: 3.6% for Commission of Butler County, PA §
Timothy Hanser: 3.6% for Council of New London ◊
("Democracy Now!")
Ronna Stuller: 3.4% for Council of New London ◊

Endorsees of the Green Party in Nonpartisan Races
Kshama Sawant re-elected to Council of Seattle, WA
Renée Goddard re-elected to Council of Fairfax, CA
Holly Seeliger re-elected to Bd. of Ed. of Portland, ME
Josephine Okot: 40.8% for Bd. of Ed. of Portland
Paul Okot: 29.4% for Bd. of Ed. of Portland
Robert Korobkin: 28.3% for Council of Portland
David Foster: 20.5% for Council of Portland
James Villani: 15.5% for trustee of Boardman Township, OH
Elaine Mastromatteo: 15.4% for trustee of Bristol Township, OH
Francisco Herrera: 15.0% for mayor of San Francisco, CA
Trahern Crews: 14.0% for Council of Saint Paul, MN
Kristin Osbakken: 11.5% for Council of Duluth, MN ‡
Thomas MacMillan: 10.5% for mayor of Portland
Audrey Clement: 10.2% for Bd. of Arlington County, VA ‡
Andrew Schuler: 8.3% for Council of Golden Valley, MN ∆
Darlene Elias: 3.6% for Council of Holyoke, MA ○

*Member of Green Party; nominated by Democratic, Green, and Working Families parties
^Member of Green Party, nominated by Democratic and Green parties
#Member of Green Party, nominated by Republican and Green parties
Three-way race for two seats
Four-way, two seats
§Five-way, two seats
Six-way, two seats
Six-way, three seats
Eight-way, four seats
Sixteen-way, eight seats
Seventeen-way, seven seats

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