Monday, November 17, 2014

Dems Stay So Conservative, or Become Moreso, at Their Peril

As President Obama has headed the Democratic Party for over six years, some of his defenders have helped to shore up his support among liberals by falsely arguing this nation would not tolerate an agenda that is any further to the left than his.  That argument is easily disproved by polling, yet now bolsters the notion that the party should react to their failure in this month's midterm elections by moving even closer toward the Republicans' conservative policies instead of, for the first time in several cycles, offering a clear alternative to them.

Although Obama, since 2012, has caught up with the public on marriage equality, on certain proposed regulations of guns, and on George W. Bush's tax cuts for households that have an income of over $450,000 per year, the current chief executive remains to the right of most of the people of the US on numerous critical issues, as the following graphic shows.  Democrats should consider this before continuing to follow his lead as their party decides how to move onward.

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