Sunday, November 30, 2014

On Local Level, Greens Score Victories and Strong Showings

To follow up on the entry from November 7, here is an incomplete list of contenders of the Green Party who garnered 5% of the vote or more in races that ended on Nov. 4 for county, city and town offices(Because many counts have not concluded, some of these percentages might not be final.)

Green candidates in nonpartisan elections
Dan Hamburg re-elected to Board of Supervisors of Mendocino County, CA*
Bruce Delgado re-elected mayor of Marina, CA
The sunflower is a symbol
of the Green Party.
(Jim Pisarowicz / NPS)
Gayle McLaughlin re-elected to Council of Richmond, CA
Michael Beilstein re-elected to Council of Corvallis, OR
John Keener re-elected to Council of Pacifica, CA 
Paul Pitino elected to Council of Arcata, CA
Jonathan Ault elected to Council of Gardiner, ME
Deborah Heatherstone elected to Council of Point Arena, CA
John Eder elected to Bd. of Education of Portland, ME
Eric Petersen: 35% for Council of Salinas, CA
Mark Iacuaniello: 18% for Council of Fort Bragg, CA ‡
Chrystal Coleman: 17% for Council of Vista, CA
Jane Rands: 13% for Council of Fullerton, CA §
Juan Fernandez: 13% for Council of Arcata
James Brown: 12% for Bd. of Supvrs. of Lake County, CA*
John Johns: 8% for Council of Ukiah, CA #
Jack Wagner: 7% for Council of Sonoma, CA #
Michael Feinstein: 6% for Council of Santa Monica, CA~
Eddie Pfau: 5% for Court of Common Pleas of Franklin County, OH

Green nominees
Thomas Mair: 44% for Bd. of Commissioners of Grand Traverse County, MI
Erika Martinez: 43% for commissioner of Webb County, TX
Wayne Vermilya: 42% for Bd. of Comrs. of Presque Isle County, MI
Sarah Molenaar: 21% for Bd. of Comrs. of Kalamazoo County, MI
Douglas Lary^: 18% for registrar of voters of Windham, CT
David Collins: 17% for Court of Harris County, TX
Schyler Butler: 17% for clerk of Denton County, TX
Luis Decker: 15% for commissioner of Webb County
Jesus Quiroz: 15% for treasurer of Webb County
Frank Cortez: 13% for Court of Webb County
Thaddeus Hanser: 12% for Probate Court of Stamford, CT
Matthew Hanson: 10% for clerk of Comal County, TX
Dianna Strickland: 8% for Commission of Kanawha County, WV

*In primary held June 3
^Ran also on the Bottom Line slate
Five-way race for two seats
Five-way, three seats
§Seven-way, two seats
#Eight-way, three seats
~Fourteen-way, three seats

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