Friday, November 7, 2014

On Election Day, Greens Continued to Prove Viable

In the general election cycle of 2014, the candidacy I watched most closely was of Howie Hawkins for governor of New York.  He drew nearly quadruple the percentage he did when he sought said office in 2010.  In both contests, he ran on the slate of the Green Party and finished third among the gubernatorial nominees.  This time, eight lines on the ballot had a ticket for governor and lieutenant governor that received enough votes to secure, for its line, a row on the ballot for every partisan election in NY over the next four years.  Because the Green ticket placed fourth, its line rose from Row F to Row D.  (The Conservative Party cross-nominated the Republican ticket and placed third.)

Numerous Greens did well in and, in some cases, won local elections this year.  But for now, I pieced together this possibly incomplete list of Green nominees for federal and state office who garnered 5% of the vote or more in races that ended on Tuesday.  Some percentages may not be final, as counts often take weeks or months to complete.

Hawkins (
For Congress
Paul Blair: 18% in TX3
Antonio Diaz: 15% in TX21
Daniel Vila Rivera: 13% in NY13 
Matthew Funiciello: 11% in NY21 
Robert Smith: 7% in TN1 
Nancy Wade: 6% in IL5 
Paula Bradshaw: 6% in IL12
Barry Hermanson: 6% in CA12* 
Michael Cary: 5% in TX28

For State Judicial or State Executive Office
Matthew Donohue elected to Circuit Court for Dist. 21 of OR
Judith Sanders-Castro: 10% for Criminal Appeals Court of TX
George Altgelt: 9% for Criminal Appeals Court of TX
Jim Chisolm: 9% for Supreme Court of TX
Ellen Brown*: 7% for treasurer of CA
Laura Wells*: 6% for controller of CA
Howie Hawkins: 5% for governor of NY 
Catherine Damavandi: 5% for attorney general of DE

For State Legislature - SD: Senate District, HD: House (of Reps./Dels.) Dist., AD: Assembly Dist.
Lauren Besanko: 28% for HD39 in ME
Owen Hill: 27% for SD28 in ME
Martin Wirth: 25% for SD2 in CO
Paige Brown: 24% for HD97 in ME
Keiko Bonk: 23% for HD20 in HI
Daniel Lutz: 22% for HD66 in WV
Cedric Gates: 22% for HD44 in HI
Mark Myers: 19% for HD11 in WV
Bonnie Troy: 19% for HD135 in CT
David McCorquodale: 19% for HD21 in DE
Frederick Horch: 18% for SD24 in ME
Asher Platts: 18% for SD27 in ME
Amy Balderrama: 17% for SD23 in TN
David Courard-Hauri: 17% for HD41 in IA
Samuel Chandler: 17% for HD36 in ME
("Democracy Now!")
Sue Edward: 15% for HD114 in SC
Lisa Willey: 15% for HD66 in ME
Paul Ingmundson: 14% for HD123 in TX
Lena Buggs: 14% for HD65A in MN
Matthew Went: 14% for HD84 in CT
Edward Heflin: 13% for SD36 in CT
Nicolas Serna III: 12% for HD42 in TX
David Bedell: 12% for HD125 in CT
Alice Knapp: 12% for SD23 in ME
Mark Diehl: 11% for SD29 in ME
Daniel Stromgren: 11% for HD54 in ME
Marco Buentello: 10% for HD80 in TX
Kelly Hanna: 10% for HD122 in CT
Andrew Reddy: 10% for HD33 in ME
Arthur Browning: 9% for HD130 in TX
Mark Holsinger: 9% for HD54 in TN
Daniel Robinson: 9% for HD20 in MD
Pamela Elizondo*: 9% for AD2 in CA
John Lindblad*: 8% for SD18 in CA
Paul Gilman: 8% for SD11 in NY 
Morgan Bradford: 8% for HD146 in TX
Michael Wakefield: 8% for HD23 in ME
Elaine Mastromatteo: 6% for HD64 in OH
Randall Parr: 6% for HD95 in ME
Alexander Polikoff: 5% for HD23 in OR

*Green candidate in nonpartisan primary held June 3

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