Monday, November 21, 2016

Down-Ballot, Green Party Grows in Reach and in Votes

Contrary to the notion according to which the Green Party robustly campaigns only for president, I assembled this incomplete list of contenders who -- in elections that ended on Nov. 8 -- drew at least 5% of the vote.  (See similar lists from recent years.)  Unless otherwise indicated, these are nominees of solely the said party.  Because full tabulation of ballots often takes weeks or months, some percentages below may not be final.

For Congress
Mark Salazar: 31% in AZ8
Hal Ridley Jr.: 11% in TX36
Gary Stuard: 10% in TX32
Barry Hermanson*: 7% in CA12
Paula Bradshaw: 6% in IL12
Ray Parrish: 6% in AZ1
Gary Swing: 5% for Senate from AZ
Mark Lawson: 5% in TX19
Paul Pipkin: 5% in TX20
Robert Sherman: 5% in IL5
Matthew Funiciello: 5% in NY21
Natale Stracuzzi: 5% in DC

For State Office - SD: Senate District, HD: House Dist., AD: Assembly Dist.
Nick Nikhilananda: 30% for HD13 in HI
Gabe Barnett^: 26% for HD60A in MN
Scott West: 25% for SD20 in SC
Valorie Engholm: 23% for HD19 in MO
Charlene DiCalogero: 20% for HD12 in MA
Edward Weissler: 19% for SD3 in MO
Angel Torres: 19% for SD27 in AZ
Ellen Skiljan: 19% for HD109 in MO
Joseph Rowe#: 19% for HD44 in OR
David McCorquodale: 18% for HD21 in DE
Hugo Noyola Jr.: 17% for Board of Education of TX
Seth Baker: 17% for SD27 in ME
Teressa Ezell: 15% for HD80 in MO
Robin Barkenhagen: 15% for AD114 in NY
Kealoha Pisciotta: 15% for HD3 in HI
James Ofsink#: 14% for SD21 in OR
Matthew Went: 14% for HD84 in CT
Angela Capinera: 14% for HD122 in CT
Katija Gruene: 13% for HD51 in TX
Gabriel Lytle: 13% for HD60 in PA
Stephen Ruzbacki: 12% for SD45 in NY
Edward Cizek III: 12% for HD3 in AZ †
Linda Macias: 12% for HD18 in AZ ‡
Cara Trujillo: 12% for HD26 in AZ ‡
Hector Lopez: 12% for HD125 in CT
Fergus McLean#: 10% for HD7 in OR
Barbara Daniels~: 8% for HD44 in WV
(Torres campaign)
Ronna Stuller: 8% for HD39 in CT
Constance Newton: 7% for HD18 in OH
Haryaksha Knauer: 7% for HD1 in AZ ‡
Leo Biasiucci: 7% for HD5 in AZ ‡
Charlotte Pritt~: 6% for governor of WV
Scott Pusich: 6% for SD26 in TX
Julia Willebrand: 6% for SD31 in NY
Joseph McElligott: 6% for HD127 in TX
John La Pietra: 6% for HD63 in MI
Jenice Dove: 6% for HD34 in CO
John Sweeney: 5% for HD117 in PA
Michael Anderson: 5% for HD70 in MI
Alexander Polikoff: 5% for HD23 in OR

For Local Office
Thomas Mair elected to Bd. of Commissioners of Grand Traverse County, MI
Wayne Vermilya: 34% for Bd. of Comrs. of Presque Isle County, MI
Charles Howe: 31% for Bd. of Jackson County, IL
Richard Whitney: 31% for Bd. of Jackson County, IL
Cynthia Tuell: 30% for attorney of Pima County, AZ
Joshua Reilly: 27% for Bd. of Supervisors of Pima County
Stacey Lindgren: 22% for executive of Jackson County, MO
Celeste Bondie: 22% for Bd. of Comrs. of Emmet County, MI
Michael Cease: 22% for recorder of Pima County
Martin Bastidas: 21% for Bd. of Supvrs. of Pima County
Santiago Santos: 19% for comr. of Webb County, TX
William Barr: 16% for Criminal District Court of Dallas County, TX
Arturo Limon II: 15% for sheriff of Webb County
Dagmar Noll": 15% for registrar of voters of Windham, CT
Georgos Spiliadis: 14% for Council of Baltimore, MD
Joshua Harris: 13% for mayor of Baltimore
Ian Schlakman: 13% for Council of Baltimore
Veda Bella: 12% for Bd. of Comrs. of Genesee County, MI
Richard White Jr.: 8% for Council of Baltimore
Alexander Durnan: 8% for Council of New Castle County, DE
Gertrude Lee Aikin: 7% for Council of DC
Ashley Gordon: 7% for comr. of Travis County, TX
Randall Auxier: 7% for Bd. of Jackson County, IL
Timothy Dehne: 7% for Bd. of Comrs. of Benton County, OR
("Democracy Now!")
Eumir Abela: 7% for Bd. of Ed. of Stamford, CT §
Robert Fitrakis: 6% for prosecutor of Franklin County, OH
Gary Frazier Jr.: 6% for Council of Camden, NJ
Ona Hendricks: 5% for comr. of Dallas County
Connor Meek: 5% for pres. of the Council of Baltimore
Jerome Bauer: 5% for treasurer of St. Louis, MO

Members/Endorsees of the Green Party in Nonpartisan Races
Bruce Delgado re-elected mayor of Marina, CA
Mayor Paul Pitino re-elected to Council of Arcata, CA
Anna Trevorrow re-elected to Bd. of Ed. of Portland, ME
Korie Blyvies re-elected clerk of Newberg Township, MI
Jane Jarlsberg elected to Council of Point Arena, CA
Jordan Mack: 32% for Council of Yucaipa, CA
Brian Ring: 32% for Council of Los Banos, CA
Audrey Clement: 27% for Bd. of Arlington County, VA
Wayne Pauluk: 25% for Bd. of Hennepin County, MN
Alfonso Almendariz: 21% for Council of Vacaville, CA †
Douglas Mann: 19% for Bd. of Ed. of Minneapolis, MN
Scott Menzies: 19% for Council of Fort Bragg, CA
Susan Sonne: 18% for Council of Buena Park, CA
Jack Wagner: 17% for Council of Sonoma, CA ‡
Howard Wu: 16% for Council of Bishop, CA §
Christine Malan*: 14% for Bd. of Supvrs. of Napa County, CA
Bridget Duffy: 14% for Council of Pacifica, CA ‡
Phillip Murphy*: 13% for Bd. of Supvrs. of Lake County, CA
Valerie Rose-Campbell: 12% for Council of Arcata ∆
Albert Janssen: 11% for Council of Cottage Grove, MN □
Francisco Herrera: 10% for Bd. of Supvrs. of San Francisco, CA
Jane Rands: 10% for Council of Fullerton, CA ◊
Roy Kaylor*: 7% for Bd. of Supvrs. of Santa Cruz County, CA
Rex Gressett: 5% for Council of Fort Bragg

*candidate in a nonpartisan primary on June 7   | ^independent endorsed by the Green Party
#also nominated by the Progressive Party of OR | "also nominated by the Bottom Line Party
~The Green Party of WV is the Mountain Party.   | †three-way race for two seats
four-way, two seats | §four-way, three seats    | ∆five-way, three seats
six-way, two seats   | ◊twelve-way, three seats

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